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For a Natural Looking New Look

ta831Living in Springfield, tanning may be hard to come by especially during the winter. The weather is cold and the sun is hidden. That is why many tanning locations provide services to those who do not want to lose their color despite the time of the year.

Tanning salons in the winter offer so many benefits, but for starters offer a chance to add a healthy and vibrant glow to your skin. I especially enjoy visiting the Sun Tan City Tanning Salon. At this salon, the people are not only friendly but I also receive the healthy amount of color without a fake look.

For the past 5 years I have been a member of the Sun Tan City Salon, specifically the one on East Republic Road. I started out going here for the reason everyone else started, I wanted some color on my face. I didn’t realize that this place that I was going to had excellent service. The people here are extremely friendly and every time I come here, I have four state of the art tanning beds to choose from.

Though many people may be thinking that sun tanning is an unnatural process, they are incorrect. What this salon does is provide a slight and natural looking tan that you would have had during the warmer months. The tanning spray is of the highest quality because it is Versa Spa Spray, a state of the art type of spray. If you are worried about trying the wrong shade, have no fear. There are tanning consultants who work at this salon that can provide input as to what shade would look best on you.

Both tanning beds and sprays are offered at this salon. Every time I visit, I get the spray on because it only takes 2-3 minutes. The tanning consultants that provide this service do it in a way that makes the tan even and flawless looking. Not only is the package of the highest quality but it is also inexpensive.

If you are interested in the tanning beds yet nervous about the UV exposure, have no fear. The tanning bed is so advanced that it measures how much exposure to UV is safe for each individual. Within 20 minutes, each individual can receive a custom tan that is perfect for the winter.

My favorite part about this salon are the products that I use right after my tanning treatment. I always have to treat myself to the Prestige 1100 with body misters as well as aroma therapy. What this does to your skin is seal in the newly added on color even after only one session. What makes this place so recommended is that this salon not only offers top quality treatment but also at little cost.

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