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Different Types of Crossfit Gear

crossfitWhen you go out to buy Crossfit equipment and gear, you have to know that there are two categories in which your Crossfit gear is divided – Priority and Secondary. The priority category would include essentials like major equipment (like barbell) and clothing (like Crossfit knee sleeve). The secondary category is there for providing additional benefits.

• Priority Gear –

Olympic Barbell – This is a weightlifting barbell that must be of top quality when you buy it. It would cost about $200 and would weigh 20kg for men and 15kg for women, with specific grips for each gender. Bars with center knurling should be avoided.Ø

Bumper Plates – For the newly installed bar, bumper plates would be required. Many decent deals are available in the market because of the popularity of bumper plates in Crossfit gear and equipment. As a note of advice, these plates should be preferred over the traditional iron plates.Ø

Crossfit Knee Sleeves – These are not just a part of your uniform for Crossfit but come with many benefits like reducing injury risks, providing compression, easing soreness and improving performance. Neoprene Crossfit knee-sleeve is considered to be the best.Ø

Power Rack or Pull Up Bar – A pull up bar can be built or bought and you can get a wall mounted one or one that is ceiling mounted. Ideally, if you can get a power rack, all your requirements would be met by that one purchase.Ø

• Secondary Gear –

Jump Rope, Gymnastic Ring and Kettlebells – Jump ropes are necessary for double unders and are pretty inexpensive. Gymnastic rings are essential for building the strength of your upper body and they can be made from plastic, wood or metal. As far as kettlebells go, if you are looking to get the full set, it would hurt your pocket. However, you can have a few in the gym that would be required for snatching and swinging.Ø

Squat Box – This equipment is not that expensive but it is extremely versatile and will cater to your every Crossfit need. The varieties are pretty great as well. Also called Plyo Box (Plyometric box), you can buy it in various materials like metal or wood and it comes with features like angled and adjustable.Ø

Medicine Ball – The primary use of medicine balls is its use as a wall-ball but it can also be used for performing core exercises, push-ups, cleans et al. Slam balls are special kinds of medicine balls that are ideal for those who do not want their ball to fall apart after many slams.Ø

Other Secondary Gear – This includes Glute Ham Developer and a Weight Bench.Ø

Always buy quality gear and equipment, even if you have to wait a while to get everything you need.

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